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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guide to Car Upholstery

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Articles on auto upholstery:

Guide to Car Upholstery Leather Seat Kits

Buying a new vehicle with a leather package, meaning
leather upholstery throughout, is the desire of most new
car buyers. However, what many people are unaware of is how
easy it is to rip, tear and scratch leather seats.
Fortunately, this does not have to be a reason for
foregoing your desire for leather seats and upholstery
because there are car upholstery leather seat kits
available. Of course, there are a whole variety of these
kits available from superior to a waste of money, so you
need to know what you are looking for and what kits will
best help you restore your leather interior to what it was
when you first purchased your vehicle. There are literally
hundreds of these kits available, but the following
suggestions will help you separate the good from the bad.

Maryland Auto Upholstery

Tip #1

Guarantee Always look for a guarantee when purchasing car
upholstery leather seat kits. The reason for this is when
you purchase a product with a guarantee the product will
most likely work as promised, and if not then you are no
worse for wear and can exchange or get a return for the

Tip #2

Instructions Be sure that whatever product you buy has very
detailed instructions and directions to guide you through
the repair process. In order to get great results you
really need good directions. Companies that have good
products and are interested in really helping the customers
receive good results will supply you with the instructions
to get you there.

Tip #3

Testimonials and Recommendations When looking for car
upholstery leather seat kits read online testimonials and
ask friends and family members what products have worked
successfully for them. This is one of the best ways to find
a quality product.

Tip #4

Recommended for Your Vehicle Finally, make sure the car
upholstery leather seat kits are recommended for your
vehicle and particular types of seats. If so, then you
should receive great results. If not, then you are at your
own risk.

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High-Tech Textiles

Evolution or Revolution

Albin F. Turbak1, Tyrone L. Vigo2
1 Southern College of Technology, 1110 South Marietta Parkway, Marietta, GA 30060
2 Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, P.O. Box 19687, New Orleans, LA 70179
Chapter 1, pp 1–19
Chapter DOI: 10.1021/bk-1991-0457.ch001
ACS Symposium Series, Vol. 457
ISBN13: 9780841219854eISBN: 9780841213135
Publication Date (Print): April 03, 1991
Copyright © 1991 American Chemical Society

The new world of textile technology now encompasses realms of products that were not even dreamed of ten years ago. Hightech textiles are prevalent as major components in such diverse products as artificial organs, structural bone replacements, rocket motors and nozzles, space shuttle shields, the Stealth bomber and most of the new design military, commercial and civilian aircraft, boats, bicycles, high-performance sporting goods, road beds, food/water removal systems, pollution control devices, translucent roofs for stadiums, airports and shopping malls, components for converting sea water into potable water, optical fibers for transmission of laser-pulsed communication and extended, temperature-controlled garments. Fibers that are five to ten times as strong as steel on a weight basis now provide the lead technology for making automobiles that are 50% lighter, safer and twice as fuel-efficient as current models. These examples and the history of the development of this technology will be reviewed and discussed in depth in this book.

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